This is a collection of gasoline photos and logos from maps and photos that I have, plus contributions from other people on the net. We are presenting them here for history's sake, lest they be forgotten in the world of ever-changing gasoline brands. Most of the emblems are links to larger images, photos, or full pages of images of the same brand.

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The main interest here is the collage of gas company logos, but due to the low traffic and large amount of effort to maintain this page, many of the newer logos are not shown or linked here.
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Aetna AGIP American Amoco A-OK Apco Arco Ashland Atlantic British American Bay Beacon Beeline Billups Bonded Boron British Petroleum Calpet Calso Caltex Carter Certified Champion Champlin Charter Chevron Chief Cities Service Clark Coastal Col-Tex Conoco local Cooperative Corypenn Cosden Crown Deep Rock Derby Dorco Douglas Duke DX East Coast El Paso En-Ar-Co Enco Erickson Esso Exxon Fina Fisca Flying 'A' Frontier Gas'N'Go Getty Gibble Gas Gilmore Globe Gloco Golden Eagle Good Luck Gulf Hancock Hart-Penn Hess Hi-Power Holiday Houston Hudson Humble Husky Imperial Irving Jet Kendall Kerr McGee Standard of Kentucky Leonard Lion Marathon Martin McClure Mobil/Socony Northstar Oval E Pan Am Pate Phillips 66 Wilshire/Polly Gas Powerine Premier Pure Oil Co. Regent Republic Richfield Road Runner Rotary Seaside Self-Serv Discount Shamrock Sheetz Shell Signal Sinclair Site Skelly Skylark Sohio Sovereign Spirit Spur Standard Chevron Standard of Indiana Star Service Sterling Sunoco Superamerica Superior Superline Super Par Super Test Swifty Tenneco Tesoro Alaska Texaco Texgas Texas Pacific Triangle Union 76 Utoco Veltex Vickers Vico Wareco Webb Western White Rose Whiting Zephyr

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